Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University's

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar College of Law, Nagpur





  1. On Admission to the college a student becomes liable to pay all statutory fees. If, for any reason, a student leaves the college after admission, he will not be refunded any fees.
  2. Student residing in Nagpur should pay their fees in college itself.
  3. Those students who shall fail to attend the classes, will have to pay the fine for not attending the classes. The fine shall be determined by the Principal.
  4. Every applicant for admission other than the one from Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, shall submit a Migration Certificate signed by the Registrar of the University or Board from which he migrates, before the expiry of the first term and pay an Immigration Fee of Rs. 150/-, failing which the admission shall stand cancelled.
  5. Persons not already enrolled as students of Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University shall pay the University Enrolment Fee of Rs. 100/- at the time of admission to the college.
  6. No student shall be admitted to L.L.B 1st Semester Examination unless he produces certificate from the Board / University before 15th February.
  7. A students shall be admitted to a college shall be required to prosecute a regular course of study which means attendance of at least 75% of lectures delivered in the subjects as also at tutorials, moot court and practical training course. Every student shall attend all the periods of all the subjects regularly. If he fails to do so, he will be detained from appearing for exam.
  8. Students who are awarded Scholarship or Free Studentship by the University or State Government must attend all periods without fail. If they are unable to attend them on any day, they must send an application for leave countersigned by their by their Local Guardian and obtain permission. Negligence in this respect may entitle for forfeiture of Scholarship in whole or in part.
  9. Every student shall do the tutorial and sessional work and appear at such Examination as the Principal may direct. A student who does not comply with these directions and does not obtained the minimum marks which the Principal may fix, may not be admitted to the University Examination, even though he may have prosecuted a regular course of study within the meaning of clause (vii).
  10. Students are required to keep the office of the college informed of their address in Nagpur and also of their permanent address, if Nagpur is not their permanent home. Change of address must be dully communicated to the office which will not be responsible for the non delivery of a communication through any mistake in the address as recorded in its registers.
  11. Other information regarding Examination will be found in the University Calendar and Prospectus.
  12. 3% seats will be reserved for physically handicapped students and 1% seats will be reserved for present and Ex-servicemen and Military Personnel or their wards.
  13. The medium of instruction shall be English. The syllabus of the course can be obtained from the Publication Department, University Library, Nagpur.
  14. Students who pass the qualifying examination from other Board/University desire to seek admission should submit an Eligibility Certificate obtained from the University at the time of admission.
  15. Under the Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1999, Ragging in any form, as defined in Sec.2 (c) thereof, is prohibited. Any student found indulging in such act shall be liable for punishment of imprisonment up to 2 years and a fine of Rs.10,000/-. Further, such student shall be rusticated from the college and debarred for five years from seeking admission.

The University maintains Hostels for students. Admission to the Hostel is subject to the prior admission to the college maintained by the University. Application form etc. for admission to the Hostel may be obtained from the Warden of the following University Hostels:

  1. University Men's Hostel, Amravati Road, Nagpur.
  2. University Women's Hostel, North Ambazari Road, Nagpur.


Casual Students
Student absent/failure in sessionals, will have to take admission as casual student by paying required fees, within 15 days from the declaration of result.
Those (old) ex-students who have cleared all theory papers but remained absent for sessionals work or could not clear sessionals must submit their examination form (for sessionals) before 31st Dec. (summer Exam.) or 31st Dec. (Winter Exam.) respectively.
Casual students will be admitted to those respective semesters only for which teaching/admission is in progress.

Sr no. Category Percentage to be reserved in Educational Institution
1 Scheduled Tribe including those outside Specific Areas 7%
2 Scheduled Caste and Nava-Buddhas, Buddhas 13%
3 Denotified Tribes and Nomadic Tribes
  1. Vimukta Jatil 3%
  2. Nomadic Tribes 2.5%
  3. Nomadic Tribes 3.5%
  4. Nomadic Tribes 2%
4 Other Backward Classes 19%
  Total 50%

The above reservation is exclusive of the number of students belonging to the above categories who secure admission on merit.
If any of the Backward Classes categories above do not get the required number of the candidates for the percentages laid down, the seats so remaining vacant shall be filled in from among the candidates from other reserved categories on the basis of inter se merit.
Caste Validity Certificate is essential for S.T. candidates who secure the admission in S.T. category.
Non-creamy Layer Certificate is essential for O.B.C., NT- 2 and NT-3 candidates who secure the admission in these categories.
Students should submit their Free Studentship Concessions Forms, Govt. Of India Scholarship Forms & E.B.C. Freeship Forms at the time of admission.

Legal Aid Clinic
College runs a Legal Aid Clinic established under Maharashtra State Legal Aid & Advice Board. Free Legal Aid is provided to the needy and weaker persons of the society.

Games and Sports
The sports department is well equipped and maintained under the guidance of a qualified teacher. Students are encouraged to participate in more and more activities.
Under Ordinance No.2 of 1996, maximum 10(Ten) credit mark shall be granted to the students appearing for Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University's Examination of any Degree, as an incentive for his/her participation in any one of the following programmes conducted by the college under Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, viz. N.S.S, ACE & ES, N.C.C., Games & Sports, Cultural Activities.

National Service Scheme
College has a regular unit of 100 N.S.S. Students. Students take part in this activity and render voluntary services to the society. Every year N.S.S. students of the college represent the college at University level camps. Recently the college N.S.S. volunteers have represented the college at National And International level and bagged award from Maharashtra Government.

Student's Aid Fund Scheme
Needy students shall be eligible to get financial assistance to meet their tution fees, examination fees, books, hostel, mess, clothing or medical expenses etc. under the Student's Aid Fund Scheme which will be provided in the form of reimbursement of the expenditure on different items and payment in cash will be restricted to the minimum. No Scholarship or Stipends will be given from this fund.

Sir M.B.Dadabhoy Law Library
The College provides library facilities to its students having more than 15,000 Text and Reference Books and 3,500 Periodicals for ready reference. The students are expected to take advantage of the library named after a legend Sir M.B.Dadabhoy.
Membership (Deposit-Refundable): for L.L.B. Students Rs.100

Government of India Post-Metric Scholarship to the B.C. Students
The latest directives will be applicable for the above scholarship after receipt of the same, the same will be circulated to the student.

Award of Tuition Fees and Examination Fees to Backward Class Students For The Year
With a view to providing educational facilities amongst the Backward Classes, It has been the policy of the Government to provide free education to Backward Classes, irrespective of age and income of all stages of education and in all types of recognized Institution. Under the Backward Classes Welfare Programme, the Social Welfare Department has continued the scheme of award of "Free Studentship" to the Backward Classes which extend free studentship concession to all the Backward Class Students who come under the following categories:
1. The students whose claim for the award of Government of India Scholarship is rejected on account of their parent's income beyond the prescribed limit.
2. The students having one failure in the same standard.
For the purpose the student is required to furnish full particular and information to the Department Concerned to enable them to claim the fees from the Government.

Dress Code
A dress code is prescribed to all the regular college students as below.

  1. For Boys- Plain Black full Pants & plain White full/half Shirt.
  2. For Girls- Plain Black Salwar & plain white Kurta or Black Saree & White Blouse (Plain).
    (Skirts, Jeans, Tops, T-shirts, Shorts etc. not allowed.)

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